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Geothermal Technologies has been working tirelessly to develop innovative and sustainable solutions to fix the global energy crisis. Until now, attempts at widespread thermal harvesting using manufactured synthetic or Enhanced Geothermal Systems (EGS) have been decidedly unsuccessful as measured by forty years of effort and over one billion dollars of investment. Our mission is to furnish a means of providing access to a virtually limitless supply of clean, economically competitive geothermal energy.

J. Gary McDaniel

 Chief Executive Officer

Jim Hollis

 Chief Operating Officer

Dr. Bruce Marsh

 Chief Science Officer

Dr. Stephen Browne

Board of Directors

Bill Chmela

Program Director

Dr. Alfred Lacazette

Director, Geology

John C. Cook

Director, Capital Acquisition

Dr. Saman Karimi


Stephen P. Cumella


Yakov Regelman


Emmanuel T. Schnetzler

Data Analytics

Robert Duncan

Regulatory Advisor

Dr. Roy Kligfield

Business Advisor