GTI’s Jim Hollis participates in the “ISEM at SMU Energy Roundtable” April 1-3, 2024, in Galveston, Texas, USA

by Geothermal Technologies | Apr 4, 2024 | Announcements

Jim Hollis, COO and Co-Founder of Geothermal Technologies, Inc. (GTI), participated in an energy industry roundtable discussion at SMU where energy executives focused on the timely subjects of the future role of fossil fuels combined with other energy sources.  Jim shared GTI’s view on the current state of Geothermal Energy technologies ranging from conventional hydrothermal to new methods attempting to scale geothermal by harvesting energy from unconventional resources.  He also shared an update on the GTI project in the Denver-Julesburg Basin of Colorado where the company is working on building a geothermal power plant leveraging GTI’s proprietary technology.

About the ISEM at SMU Workshop:
The workshop was focused on “The Role of Fossil Fuels, Other Energy Sources, and Efficiencies for Reliable and Affordable Energy with Reduced Carbon Emissions Energy access is critical for economic growth and improved quality of life. The Roundtable mission is open discussions of many energy issues for the enlightenment of all the participants.”

About ISEM at SMU:
ISEM (the “Institute for the Study of Earth and Man”) was founded in 1966 as an intellectual “joint venture” by Dean Claude Albritton and William B. Heroy, Sr.  The decade of the 1960’s saw SMU beginning to develop major research centers and the doctoral programs that accompanied them.  Geological Sciences (now Earth Sciences), Archaeology (in the Department of Anthropology) and Statistics were three departments that Albritton and Heroy believed to be at a point in their development where each would be strengthened by interaction with the others.  At a time when interdisciplinary programs were far less common than they are now – this was path breaking.

Current activities of the Institute are wide ranging but continue to be focused on interdisciplinary research and related education.  Significant support of the Shuler Museum’s research program has been augmented by extensive grants international and domestic.  Related travel to energy or paleontological sites has provided opportunities for ISEM Trustees and friends to visit sites of research or energy related activities.  The Institute continues to provide support for SMU programs in addition to providing dimensions that would not otherwise be available were it not for ISEM and its programs and activities.

About Geothermal Technologies, Inc.:
Geothermal Technologies (GTI) was founded in 2018 to commercialize technology that was developed at the Johns Hopkins University.  GTI’s GenaSys™ Geothermal Energy Harvesting System revolutionizes how we harness renewable energy.  GTI’s innovative technologies, when coupled with recently developed oil & gas and power generation technologies, enable the company to produce clean, renewable, low cost, baseload electricity, throughout the world, for decades to come.  The company has recently secured a series of GenaSys geothermal power well permits from the State of Colorado and plans to begin construction soon.