GTI’s Dr. Alfred Lacazette presents at the Southwest Colorado Geothermal Summit

by Geothermal Technologies | Jun 4, 2024 | Announcements

Dr. Alfred Lacazette, Geothermal Technology, Inc. (GTI)’s Director of Geology, spoke and participated in panels at the Southwest Colorado Geothermal Summit at the Montrose County Event Center in Montrose, Colorado on June 4, 2024.  Dr. Lacazette was on the High Temperature Electricity Generation Panel and the Regulatory and Permitting Panel in the afternoon technical session and the evening Public Information panel.  Dr. Lacazette’s talk Electrical Power Generation from Hot Sedimentary Aquifers (HSAs) in the technical and public information sessions described how HSAs present a new approach to generating commercial amounts of geothermal electricity that can be scaled over large areas of Colorado and the U.S.  HSA geothermal is applicable to existing oil/gas fields and utilizes both the abundant data generated by the oil and gas industry and employs oil and gas workers who would otherwise be displaced by the energy transition.

Summit Agenda

“As GTI expands its footprint in Colorado, we believe that it is important to involve all of the stakeholders, especially the public, in the process.  Al’s participation in this great event helps with the educational part of that process,” said J. Gary McDaniel, CEO of GTI.  “It is incumbent to GTI that we become an integral and valued member of the communities in which we operate.”

About the Southwest Colorado Geothermal Summit:
The well-attended event was hosted by the Southwest Colorado Geothermal Collaborative with support from the Colorado Energy Office.  The Collaborative is a group of community leaders exploring the potential of geothermal energy for Southwestern Colorado and informing the public about geothermal energy.  Participants included representatives of state and local governments, geothermal power companies, geothermal equipment providers, utilities, geothermal district heating users and providers, community activists, institutions, and investors.  The event began with an afternoon, invitation-only technical and networking session for professionals and concluded with an evening public information session that informed community members about geothermal energy and answered their questions.

About Geothermal Technologies, Inc.:Geothermal Technologies (GTI) was founded in 2018 to commercialize technology that was developed at the Johns Hopkins University.  GTI’s GenaSys™ Geothermal Energy Harvesting System revolutionizes how we harness renewable energy.  GTI’s innovative technologies, when coupled with recently developed oil & gas and power generation technologies, enable the company to produce clean, renewable, low cost, baseload electricity, throughout the world, for decades to come.