Geothermal Technologies Sponsors and Participates in the SPE/AAPG/SEG Energy in Transition Symposium

by Geothermal Technologies | Feb 7, 2023 | Announcements

Embassy of Canada / Washington D.C.

On February 7th, Dr. Bruce Marsh and J. Gary McDaniel participated in the SPE/AAPG/SEG Energy in Transition Symposium that was held at the Canadian Embassy in Washington, DC.  In addition to participating, Geothermal Technologies was also a sponsor of this event.

The symposium was directed toward senior technical leaders and policymakers from the federal government (executive and legislative), think tanks, associations, and others in the federal capital community who work with the oil and natural gas and energy community.

The goal of this symposium was to explore challenges and opportunities in the energy transition looking at technology development and implementation to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the energy system, focusing on oil and natural gas, and to provide a forum to advance the understanding of the energy system, including scale and timeline of the transition.

The Symposium was well attended and the discussions productive.