Dr. Veit J. Matt

Basin Analyst

Veit is a Petroleum Systems Analyst/Modeler with a specialty in geothermal evaluation of complex onshore basins at mega-regional to prospect and reservoir scale. During his 20 years of supporting exploration, appraisal, and development in the oil & gas industry he has worked on numerous basins in the U.S. and Canada (Williston, Northern Appalachian, Anadarko, Arkoma, Denver, Powder, San Juan, Michigan, Illinois, Permian, North Slope Alaska, Alberta, etc.) as well as internationally (Senegal, Western Greenland, and Chile, etc.).  His work is grounded on realistic 3D earth models that are designed and calibrated utilizing diverse technical data sets, which can tightly integrate stratigraphic, sedimentologic, structural, geomechanical, thermal, fluid flow, geochemical, geophysical, pressure, log, etc.  data types.  Veit is also interested in data modeling, data bases, and data management, developing custom workflows to improve efficiency by optimizing data access and enabling enhanced connectivity to analysis tools. 

Veit was a PostDoc at the Unversity of Colorado at Boulder, EMARC.  He got his PhD at Texas A&M University, an MS from Albert-Ludwigs Universität, Freiburg, Germany, and an MS from Eastern Washington University.