Dr. Stephen J. Browne

Dr. Stephen J. Browne is an experienced CEO, business executive, entrepreneur, and economist, with a long career building successful businesses in innovative, high technology disciplines. Dr. Browne has a Ph.D. in Economics from MIT and an AB in Economics from The Johns Hopkins University.

Dr. Browne is Chairman, CEO, and President of The Stanton Group, which he founded in 1986 to develop independent (privately owned) power plants and to promote new energy technologies. After developing renewable, waste to energy, and conventional facilities in the USA, culminating in a $250 million combined cycle gas power plant that subsequently was purchased by a major electric utility, in the early 1990’s Stanton moved its focus to developing energy projects in the Former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe, and then in the 21st Century began working intensively in China and with bringing advanced Chinese technologies to global markets.