Dr. Roy Kligfield

Roy Kligfield has a background as both an academic research scientist and a successful serial entrepreneur.  He was a Research Professor in Geophysics & Geology at the ETH Zurich (1978-1981), a Professor of Geology at the University of Colorado (1981-1992) where he led research, teaching and industrial consortium efforts in petroleum and structural geology and has authored numerous peer-reviewed professional papers and talks on these subjects.  He subsequently led business start-ups:  Geo-Logic Systems (earth model software sold to oil and gas companies for use in seismic interpretation), SignalSoft (mobile location services for the international wireless telecommunications industry), OpenLogic (management software to facilitate the use of open source software within enterprises),  and Wireless Seismic, a company making a wireless network seismograph for use in seismic exploration worldwide and for hydraulic fracture monitoring.  Recently, he led a group using non-seismic geophysical methods to help identify locations, and to drill for oil in the Smackover play of southwest Alabama.  Roy led or helped lead the successful funding efforts which have collectively brought in approximately $200 million into these companies through a combination of private equity investment, venture capital and IPOs. In his executive management positions, Roy has supervised organizations from start-up through 150 persons and provided strategic direction and tactical leadership in these endeavors.